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City Paws

City Paws is a company that was created in order to provide a safer place for dog owners/walkers to leave their dogs during their walks.

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NYC is filled with many dog owners, however, it is quite obvious that the big city is not the most dog friendly when it comes to bringing our furry friends into public establishments. Usually, when people have to walk into a store or some other establishment while walking their dog, they end up tying their dogs onto a pole. It is obvious that this technique is not the safest or most reliable way for people to keep their dogs waiting for them outside since anyone can easily steal their dog, or the dogs can untie themselves from poles. Our goal is to provide dog owners a safe and convenient place for their dogs to stay while they complete their tasks.


Packaging Design

Dog Treat Boxes, Dog Waste Bag Container

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UX/UI Design

Home Page, Location Map, Store

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