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My Chemical Romance Vinyl Design

My Chemical Romance was an American rock band that performed from 2001 to 2013. My goal was to re-design their album covers to make them look more cohesive, and give them a more mature look that relates to their lyrics.

first slide.png

“My Chemical Romance” is a rock band that created songs that revolved around dark themes of death and hardships. The graphics of their albums are very illustrative and powerful, so I wanted to re-design their albums that would invoke the same feelings in a more symbolic way expressed through minimalistic design. I approached this project by incorporating the colors and typefaces from the original album covers to make the connection that my album covers are related to the originals.




I chose to go with the heartbeat theme because it is the most symbolic and has a powerful meaning to it. The lyrics incorporated into “My Chemical Romance’s” songs usually revolve around ideas of death and   hardship. Heartbeats can reflect these ideas since they alter in shape based on certain events or the physical conditions of a person. Also music plays a strong impact on our heartbeats since they have the power to affect the way we feel depending on the tone of the song. 


Website (2 albums 2).png

Final Designs

Website (2 albums).png
Website (2 albums 3).png
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