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New York Public Library

People today are reading less and less books. In order to promote more reading of books, I have designed a book based on one of the most important libraries in history.

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This book was created in order to reflect on the history of the NYPL lions. They are one of the reasons for the success of the NYPL and are known as a symbol for libraries throughout the nation. Their presence helps to gather the public’s attention and remind us that we have libraries all over the world at our disposal where we can learn and enjoy thousands of stories. The reason for making a book about the NYPL's lions rather than the actual history of library was to make it more interesting for the public since many of us do not know about their origins or why they are so popular. 

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Books have a bad reputation for being “dull” or “boring,” especially one about history. To show how exciting books can be, I designed this book by incorporating a collage feel to make it more playful and engaging for its readers.

Open Spreads

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