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Fashion Institute of Technology

A Redesign of the FIT Library Online Catalog Website to improve its ease of access and ultimately help promote students to use the University's online catalog.

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Online library catalogs are one of the most important resources for people to find literature easily. However, nearly all online catalogs share the same problem of looking very outdated, and hard to navigate. For that reason, I transformed the online catalog of the FIT library by removing unnecessary functions, providing more negative space, and making it more engaging and approachable for its users overall.


The goal of this redesign was to not only make this online library catalog easier to navigate and less cluttered,but to also promote the use of it by a college audience. To make this online catalog more attractive, I have added an engaging map for users to follow in order to find their book. I have also added a review section that encourages students to take a selfie with their chosen book in order to show their passion for reading printed material.

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