Kinokuniya is a bookstore that originated in Japan. This project focused on updating the company's website into a more modern and functional website that would look more appealing and provide easier access for its users.

first slide.png

The original "Kinokuniya" website contained many flaws with its usability, ease of access, and overall design. In order to fix these issues I planned to make images bigger, re-organize different sections based on importance, provide more space between elements, and make the overall website match with the feeling of their physical stores by using stronger colors. 


Product Page


Original Website

Home Page

Top-Level Page


Mood Board


Final Design

Each page has a side navigation that now contains language options, sign in/login, the shopping cart, book categories, and shipping information in one area. They also include links at the top to find more information about buying options or "Kinokuniya" in general, along with a tab that can be opened and closed, showcasing new book arrivals. Each page now has more space and different levels of hierarchy to help viewers understand where to look first and not feel so overwhelmed.

Home Page

UX/UI Design

Home Page, Location Map, Events Page

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Top Level Page

Product Page