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Design Competitions

Throughout my design career, I have entered numerous design competitions that I felt a strong passion towards and could not only have fun, but make a strong impact on others.

Rockefeller Center:

The Flag Project

Medium: Flag

Dimensions: 8ft. x 5ft.

This Spring 2020, Rockefeller Center had hosted a competition inviting creatives worldwide to design flags that reflect our love for New York. The goal of each flag was to celebrate the diverse culture, vibrant energy, and strength of New York City.

Out of thousands of entries only 181 were chosen to have their flag hoisted in Rockefeller Center. My flag reflects my personal experience and love for the place I have been living in for 20 years. New York City is filled with wondrous experiences ranging from the extensive amounts of food carts one can find parked on the side of streets to the expansive central park or times square where one can spend an entire day exploring. I chose to use the color yellow as believe the color reflects the feelings of happiness and creativity; two characteristics that I believe accurately express the spirit of NYC.

flag design.png
Flag Print.png

Biophilia Poster Competition

Medium: Poster

Dimensions: 24in. x 36in.

Biophilia is an idea that humans have an innate connection to nature. This connection helps our physical and mental well-being.

I designed  this poster based on one of the three categories presented to us, "The Indirect Experience of Nature." My interpretation of this phrase meant how we do not realize how nature plays a role in our everyday lives. My poster aims to help others grasp the idea that we wake up and live in a world everyday that is influenced by nature. I want to reawaken the thought that us humans are a part of nature in order to strengthen the bond we have with our environment and develop a more passionate desire of protecting the world that we all share.

Poster Mockup - Biophilia.png

Posterheroes 2020

Medium: Poster

Dimensions: 70cm. x 100cm.

For the year 2020, Posterheroes held a competition for people to design posters based on the International Labor Organization's new concept of "decent work." This concept aims to promote the well-being and equal opportunities for every human within the workplace.

This competition required all participants to bring awareness to either the positive effects of "decent work," or what would need to be changed within the work force in order to promote a "decent work" environment. Posterheroes provided us with a series of themes we could showcase within our designs, so I chose to focus on the theme of work-quality. With the current pandemic occurring worldwide, I thought this would be a perfect chance to bring awareness to the very under developed working conditions many people must face on a daily basis in order to put food on the table for themselves and families. With COVID-19 raging our world, many companies have neglected their responsibilities of protecting their workers by not providing paid time off during a deadly pandemic, and have decided to focus more on production and income. Regarding this way of thinking, I wanted to question what happens when one prioritizes income over the safety of others. In the end, it is a flawed way of thought. If one person is infected, it is only time until everyone else gets put out of commission, causing people to suffer, and the business to ultimately falter.

Mockup - COVID.png

Ecuador Biennal

Medium: Poster & Animation


The Ecuador Biennal hosted a series of competitions for the year of 2020. I entered Category C, which was made for students to showcase any form of work they are proud of. I took this opportunity to create a very minimal poster for my favorite musical artist, "Twenty One Pilots". I decided to use the word "VOID" as the title of a fake concert they were hosting because I believed that that word perfectly reflects the emotion that they showcased in their latest album during that time, "Blurryface." In this sense, the word "VOID," means a path with no end. To truly bring out the meaning of this word, I wanted to animate a warped illusion that could be perceived to have no end. My goal for this competition was to take this opportunity to practice my motion design skills, and design without pressure.

Poster Mockup.png
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